Bitcoin has gone mainstream, and it’s a just matter of time when we see more stores and services start accepting Bitcoin as a payment. Tesla has already announced its plan for accepting Bitcoin as a payment, and Amazon seems to work on releasing its own digital currency or accepting crypto as payment. However, this is no time for speculation, as it will take its own time to see the mass adoption we always dreamed of.

However, today I want you to learn about purchasing gift cards using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is indeed a great way to spend your cryptocurrencies for day to day purpose. In the past, I have shared various guides that will help you put cryptocurrencies to some use. If you have not gone through them, here are a few guides for you to get started:

Moving ahead, let’s look at the services which let you buy gift cards using Bitcoin and other Altcoins.

How to buy Gift cards using Bitcoin and Altcoins:

1. Bitrefill:

I have talked about Bitrefill a few times earlier here at CoinSutra. It is one of the best services that let you buy Gift cards from all popular online stores and services. It supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin lightning, and also using USD.

They also have a mobile app that makes the entire process of buying gift cards seamless. The service is available for all the major countries in the world, and it is free to get started. The good thing about Bitrefill is, you also get a cashback when you purchase a gift card. This is a great way to stack sats and get more value out of your expenditure.

Check out Bitrefill

2. Coinpayments – Buy Visa card and Gift cards

Coinpayments is one pioneer in Bitcoin payment gateways, and we have done an in-depth review of Coinpayments here. The reason Coinpayments deserve to be listed in this list is because of their offerings. Apart from buying Gift cards using Bitcoin, you can also purchase prepaid Visa card from CoinPayments. This one feature alone makes cryptocurrency practical to use for many crypto users.

The service also offers a custodial multi-crypto wallet, and this service has been around for many years. Some features of Coinpayments gift cards service are:

  1. Purchasing gift cards using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USDT Tether (more coins will be added soon.)
  2. The ability to send purchased gift cards as gifts to friends, family, or colleagues by email, text, or Google Pay  
  3. Access to top brands in many different categories including, retail, electronics, travel, outdoors, beauty, and much more
  4. Works with both desktop and mobile app versions of CoinPayments

Here is a tutorial that shows how to purchase Gift cards using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on Coinpayments:

Join Coinpayments

Over to you: Buy Gift cards using Cryptocurrencies

For now, these are some of the best services from where you could buy Gift cards using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I’m positive that with time we will see more services that let us use our Bitcoin for gift cards, prepaid Visa cards, and more. For now, enjoy Using Bitrefill and Coinpayments. If you know of more services, let me know via commenting below.