Hedera Hashagraph’s native $HBAR token will soon be available on Malta-based crypto platform OKEx.

OKEx will become one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to list $HBAR, when it opens deposits of the token on September 16.

Hedera Hashgraph is working to be a third generation public blockchain and is aiming to build upon the successes developed by the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, aiming to improve on their inefficiencies and introduce fast transaction speeds.

OKEx decided to list the cryptocurrency following repeated requests from its customers, responding on Tuesday on Twitter, OKEx said: “You guessed it right! We’re delighted to announce that #OKEx will soon list @hashgraph $HBAR, one of the first exchanges to do so.”


Announcing the news on its website OKEx said that $HBAR would be available for deposit on September 16, as three different trading pairs – HBAR/BTC, HBAR/USDT and HBAR/USDK – from September 17, and for withdrawals on September 24.

A new type of consensus model

OKEx said that Hedera is the only public ledger network to use the hashgraph consensus algorithm.

Writing on its website OKEx describes the project:

“Hedera is the only public ledger network using the hashgraph consensus algorithm, which is fast (>10k+ TPS), secure (aBFT, strongest security possible in a DLT), and fair (transparent time-stamping on all events, transaction censorship resistant).

“The hashgraph consensus algorithm combines a gossip protocol with virtual voting to achieve consensus very quickly while using the minimum amount of data.”

According to Hedera, the hashgraph network can handle 10,000 transactions per second (TPS), compared to three TPS for Bitcoin and 12 TPS for Ethereum. 

The company also says it offers competitive fees of around $0.0001 per transaction, and a network confirmation time of between three and five seconds.

A OKEx spokesperson reminded anyone looking to trade the $HBAR token that they should always fully understand the investment risks of trading digital assets and have a risk mitigation plan in place.

Market leading platform

CoinMarketCap recognizes the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange as one of the biggest in the world regularly reporting trading volumes of hundreds of million per day.

The platform is popular with people new to cryptocurrency trading and experienced traders alike, and offers a full suite of products for them, including spot trading, perpetual swap trading, and futures contracts.

You can find out more about OKEx listing Hedera Hashgraph here.