Gemini, the New York registered bitcoin exchange company, today announced the launch of Gemini Clearing, a fully-electronic clearing and settlement solution for over-the-counter (OTC) crypto trades.

Gemini Clearing allows trades that are negotiated off-exchange or OTC to settle between Gemini accounts. Such trades can be arranged bilaterally between two parties or brokered via a third party.

Gemini Clearing Benefits:

  • Clearing and Settlement: a trade settles immediately or inside an approved settlement window.
  • Counterparty Risk: no funds are transferred between Gemini accounts until both parties of the trade are fully funded.
  • Regulatory/Compliance: each party is subject to Gemini’s robust KYC and BSA/AML program.
    Privacy: trade details are known only to the parties involved and are not published via Gemini’s market data feed.
  • Non-Circumvention: Gemini does not have an OTC desk.

For customers looking for an additional layer of service and control, Gemini also offers a white glove solution for off-exchange clearing and settlement.