Fusion Foundation, the non-profit organization behind the Fusion blockchain platform, today announced it is partnering with technology consultant Hortis, a blockchain development house based in Switzerland to fast-track adoption of the Fusion blockchain.

With projects now exploring how to leverage Fusion’s DeFi development tools, Hortis is a strong addition to the Fusion support ecosystem. Hortis joins Stockup, Geneva University, Nimbus-t and others as a Swiss-based partner of Fusion, an area where the team is focused on establishing a significant presence.

“We are working to cement our position as a top-tier blockchain consultancy and are targeting projects like Fusion that we believe have immense potential. We look forward to providing our expertise to support the growing list of companies looking to build decentralized applications on Fusion’s interoperable architecture.”
– Christian Broillet, Senior Consultant at Hortis

Fusion’s MainNet that was custom built to tackle decentralized finance (DeFi) launched on the 30th of June and is currently supported by 300+ nodes. At the protocol layer, the Fusion blockchain enables asset digitization, peer-to-peer swapping, and time-value extraction. Another Fusion feature known as Distributed Control Rights Management (DRCM) is slated for release in Q4 2019. DCRM purports to solve the industry-wide problem of interoperability between blockchains.

“Hortis is another high-quality technology integrator excited to build on top of our infrastructure. We are thrilled to have technology partners jump on board to learn about our core infrastructure and development tools and support our growing list of partners.”
– Dejun Qian, CEO of Fusion