Filecoin, a project building a decentralized storage network protocol, has announced the launch of a development grant program.

The new program is looking to fund developer tools, user-facing applications, protocol improvements, and more.

The developer grants program aims to reward ongoing and existing contributions that add great value to the Filecoin ecosystem, inspire more contributors to solve open problems, and seed the creation of new products, businesses, and tools that increase the utility of Filecoin.

The grants program will fund both individuals and teams interested in contributing to open-source. To get started, those interested are advised to take a look at existing Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

Filecoin is currently accepting applications for the first wave of grants, and closes on September 30th, 2019. The current plan is for the program to introduce new application waves every 3 months.

“Filecoin is much more than just a file storage network. It aims to be a decentralized, robust, and efficient foundation for humanity’s information. This vision is ambitious, and we can’t do it alone! The Filecoin network needs a vibrant and diverse community of participants working together to build the ecosystem of tools and services needed to improve Filecoin and make it usable in countless real-world applications.”
– The Filecoin Team