When we talk about the finance industry, investing and trading isn’t the only way to earn profit and grow one’s capital. Those companies that have developed their name within the finance industry either by being a well-known trader or analyst or have extensive social networks can monetize their followings and followers by extending invitations to trade through the platforms that offer referral or affiliate marketing programs.

When one of these followers, friends, family members, or other people follow the supplied  invitation to the trading platform offering referral programs either through a tracking URL or through code and start trading, the original referrer receives commission on the referred user’s trading fees, a revenue share, or a cost-per-acquisition fee.

For traders that regularly find success with their trading strategies, a strong referral program can often help followers to decide which platform to use, as stronger the referral program is, the more profit potential that’s possible. For traders on the fence and unsure which trading platforms offer the best referral program and more profit throughout the finance industry, we’ve done an extensive review of the industry to find out the top referral programs the industry has to offer, and have brought you the cold hard facts so you can make perfect decision on your own to find out that which platform’s referral program is right for you, and which will be the most profitable.

Here are the top referral programs offered by the finance industry.


Binance is one of the top digital currency trading platforms that offer a massive variety of exotic altcoins and a breadth of trading instruments including future, spot, and margin trading.

The program offers 40% commissions that the referrer can split with their friends, in a 20/20 or 30/10 split, either favoring the friend or referrer the choice is yours. It’s not quite clear why a referrer would like to offer more commissions or profit to a friend than themselves, but the option is there for those people who feel exceptionally generous.

The 40% in trading commissions are a bit of smoke and mirrors, though, as upon digging deeper, there’s a caveat that unless you’re holding 500 BNB worth of Binance Coin. The platform’s original or personal digital assets then the commissions top out at just 20%, and the friends cut is split up from there.


Bitfoliex Launches Referral Program with Increased Rewards and benefits. It’s a collaboration with Traxalt. Bitfoliex.com offers its followers or users to join their referral program to grow the Traxalt community.  By signing up at the bitfoliex exchange, you can win Traxalt coin as a reward.  The reward will stay in your bitfoliex wallet and you can withdraw your earnings at any time or anywhere in the world. This is the best thing about the bitfoliex platform.


The platform exploded into the digital world in 2018, and its growth has been fueled primarily through word of mouth over the platform’s advanced trading tools and the lucrative, four-level referral program.

The platform’s referral program is specially designed for traders to easily share with friends, family, or with followers on social media, and is among the best the finance industry has to offer. Traders get 20% as commission of direct referrals, but what makes the program interesting is that any new users which is original direct referral can also earns a commission on the original referrer’s up to four levels deep.

Direct referrals receive the offer of 20% commissions, while levels 2, 3, and 4 earn 15%, 10%, and 5% respectively.


BitMEX is always surrounded by controversies, traders still swear by the platform and there’s no denying that their referral program is straightforward and easy to get others to sign up for. Due to the fact, that any new referrals are offered a 10% discount on trading fees for their first six months on the platform. It helps new users to trade easily and allow existing users to earn profit further off bringing new blood to the platform.

BitMEX offers daily BTC payouts on rates of up to 20% commissions. To achieve such level the referrals must reach up to 10,000 BTC in trading turnover.