Ledger, the blockchain security and infrastructure provider, today announced that Estonian registered cryptocurrency exchange platform Rokkex, will be integrating its multi-authorization management system.

Rokkex, a crypto exchange built by cybersecurity and fintech professionals with offices in Lithuania and Estonia, will integrate Ledger Vault’s asset management system into its trading platform to increase the security of crypto holdings.

β€œWe were in need of a solution that will help us increase the trust and security of the crypto industry, and we didn’t want to spend hours of hard work to make it happen. We already knew Ledger from back when we needed to store our own crypto. However, I could have never thought that they would be our partners one day. After we tested the Ledger Vault, I knew this would be the best and safest solution that we could ever find.”
– Lukas Krikstaponis, Rokkex co-founder and CEO

Ledger Vault is an enterprise-grade infrastructure technology platform, with multi-authorization governance for the management of crypto assets that was specifically engineered with the needs of institutional clients such as Rokkex in mind.

β€œRokkex’s customers expect full transparency and protection from crypto hacks. By leveraging Ledger Vault, Rokkex will give investors total control of and instant access to their funds while providing them the peace of mind that their assets are secure, without sacrificing convenience.”
– Demetrios Skalkotos, Global Head of Ledger Vault

Back in June, another EU exchange, Coinhouse, also integrated the Ledger Vault security management system.