QuikNode, the provider of fast, reliable, fully-synced Ethereum nodes, today announced the launch of a brand new User Interface (UI) and checkout process, which includes additional payment methods.

New Dashboard

Taking in user feedback, the QuikNode team has redesigned the control panel — which also lays the groundwork for integrating the new features, such as:

  • ability to launch multiple nodes under a single account (coming soon)
  • ability to launch nodes other than ETH networks (coming soon)
  • ability to create teams and invite team members (coming soon)
  • ability to pay for your node with Credit Card on a subscription
  • ability to pay for your node with BTC, LTC, and USDC (in addition to ETH)

New Payment Methods

The QuikNode service also now also accepts credit card payments on an auto-pay subscription, to meet the demands of business and enterprise customers.


QuikNode’s mission is in helping developers and entrepreneurs build applications for the Web3 ecosystem. Users can launch a dedicated Ethereum node for their dApp in 8 locations, on Parity or Geth client, on MainNet or TestNet (Ropsten, Rinkeby, Kovan), and receive an API endpoint to use over wss:// or https:// (HttpProvider). No req/sec restrictions, and reliable WebSockets support.