DREP, the blockchain-powered reputation ecosystem, today announced a new strategic partnership with Bijiaqi, a Chinese virtual game asset exchange. With this partnership, DREP will provide its solution to help develop the Bijiaqi decentralized game virtual asset trading platform.

Going forward, DREP will provide its SDK, decentralized ID (DID) system and Reputation Protocol to upgrade the Bijiaqi payment network, transaction, and management system. The aim is to create a comprehensive on-chain platform for virtual game asset liquidity for all vendors and users.

Founded in 2007, Bijiaqi works on matchmaking trade-offs in-game assets. To date, many global game asset producers and B2C game asset trading platforms have registered on Bijiaqi, with millions of users.

On-Chain Management and Liquidity

With DREP, all data for virtual game assets along with each transaction on the Bijiaqi network will be recorded on-chain. The transaction and settlement information will be synchronized through global nodes.

Further, the DREP SDK makes it easy to build a distributed payment gateway for Bijiaqi. It contains back-end functions to provide a multi-fiat currency and mainstream cryptocurrency gateway.

Through the reputation system developed by DREP, all customers and suppliers in the C2C environment of the previous Bijiaqi platform will also be given decentralized ID with reputation points. The point system depends on the genuine delivery speed of vendors, user experience feedback, credibility, etc.