After 3 years on the international cryptocurrency (blockchain), the market Deus platform has got a significant investment from one of the world’s biggest investment funds working with cryptocurrency(blockchain)assets. Fund representatives highlight the difficulties the industry faces today and show great belief into the Deus platform as one of the most promising players to double its capitalization next year.

Deus is not just a platform but also a value transfer protocol made for tokenization of the global market over which the platform has got its name from. For recent years Deus has been working on AI able to develop financial models based on analysis of market actions. According to Deus, their pioneering technique relies on supercomputer-based massive data storages able to contain “Million years of daily renewed trade data” giving the platform the opportunity to pre-run an uncountable number of market operations. Such an approach allows Deus AI to customize and adjust the current trading strategies based on various sources such as markets, news media, and even traders’ psychological profiles.

The psychological profile is determined by a quite new and unusual approach of the Deus platform named  Human Emotions Analysing Algorithm. According to the description, the algorithm considers all human behavioral factors combining it with the database of market fluctuation when creating a strategy of trade. Such an approach allows combining human experience with AI to catch that “missing human factor”. Being on the market for a decent amount of time this approach has proven itself to be trustworthy bringing big market investors such as…. to join the innovation.

But the main focus of the Deus company is STO development, namely tokenization of projects and shares of companies, the direction which has originally brought investors to the platform. Nowadays security tokens are, basically, securities: traditional debt and equity instruments, issued in a digital form and accounted in a distributed ledger. Platform offers easy solutions and opportunities to buy digital shares of any company around the globe via tokenized system free of additional charges and ‘blockchain safe”. STO market has all chances to reach $ 10 trillion capitalizations in the next few years and Deus is one of the pioneers in this direction.

Fund announces a great belief in Deus development showing a desire to see improvement of the protocol efficiency in the nearest year. If the calculations are correct Deus platform has all the chances to take leading positions at trading and tokenization market in the nearest time with even more investor joining their course in the nearest time.