Today, it was announced that cryptocurrency Dash will be available on Ferrum Network, an interoperability network for real-world financial applications, including listing as a payment option on its African-based Kudi Exchange.

By offering Dash on Ferrum Network services through the UniFyre Wallet (to be directly connected to Kudi Exchange), customers throughout Africa will now have increased access to the cryptocurrency.

Kudi Exchange, launched in May, has been on-boarding Nigerian merchants and customers to its hybrid cryptocurrency exchange and instant payments app.

“The partnership of Ferrum Network/Kudi Exchange and Dash represents a natural evolution of where we want to take Dash. With this partnership, Dash is now exposed to an entirely new set of users in a high-growth region who can truly benefit from the everything Dash has to offer — a truly decentralized global currency for instant, low-cost, peer-to-peer transactions.”
– Nathaniel Luz of Dash Nigeria