Fashion, an enthralling periphery of trends and trendsetters, is getting immune to evolution with each growing day. The fancy printed T-shirt you adore today might seem less appealing in front of your white basic T-shirt the other day. This is the air of fashion!

You started embracing the basic white T-shirt more, this is not a mere change of your fashion taste. Instead, this is what we call influence that another fashionable person has had on you, by switching from printed tee to a basic white tee. How readily are you able to meet such influencers? 

Where and how to get fashion inspiration and ideas?

Curate, a decentralized fashion discovery platform is all set to equip you with a unique and personalized experience of reviewing fashion trends and discoveries. This platform will offer a huge library with curated luxury designs for men and women proposed by the designers, this, in turn, will expand the scope for uniqueness tagged to each curated design with varied tastes in fashion. 

A Social Replica 

The decentralized app is more like an intrinsic social media platform for design curators and influencers to showcase and get their designs reviewed by the users on the platform. The content created on the platform is reviewed and then voted by the users. The more a design gets upvoted, the higher are the chances of it getting up on the trending list, the way it happens in the case of likes we generate on a certain update on Instagram.  

Curate and Earn!

What is better than a style discovery decentralized app (DApp) that rewards you with digital tokens (CUR8) in return for curating fashion designs? You expect something unique to cross your way while on the lookout for quality content. Such unique designs and fashion trends are not a matter of easy hunt. Designers might be extremely devoted to their work but they need to be rewarded in order to serve to the extent of their c-power. The platform is a one-stop destination for fashion lovers and enthusiasts which is also utilizing blockchain as a payment infrastructure medium to reward the efforts pulled in by the designers through their creativity and innovation. 

* A CUR8 Token is an ERC-20 reward-based utility token which will drive exchange for goods and services enabling utmost utility*

The turning roadmap of the decentralized economy is paving its way to a diverse arena of industries which is indeed captivating. Curate is guarded by the avant-garde blockchain technology giving rise to an evolutionary fashion discovery platform that has a long way to go. 

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