The crypto market is in fast forward at the moment. There are so many different platforms entering the market at such a quick pace that many are going to fall through the cracks. While some of these platforms are forgettable, there are a few that are unforgettable. GSX is one of these revolutionary protocols that is set to change the market forever.

Why GSX is Better than the Competition

GSX blows the competition out of the water in all categories. GSX provides users with the flexibility of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum but with much more programmability. In this way, GSX is the most advanced stablecoin available today. It offers users a glimpse into what the digital economy of the future will look like – secure, fast, and stable.

Stablecoins Rule

Stablecoins are one of the fastest-growing sectors of the crypto market. These tokens derive their value from some underlying asset. Stablecoins can be pinned to commodities such as precious metals or oil. There are also many fiat currency-pegged stablecoin in the market. While fiat currency-pegged stablecoins are more popular, they are not as secure as their gold counterparts because of inflation.

Real Ownership

GSX owners are already a step ahead of the competition because their assets remain pegged to a profitable mining operation. Apollo Financial’s 5,000-acre mining operation includes prime real estate, gold reserves, and a variety of high-end mining equipment. As a GSX holder, you are a partial owner in all of these items.

More Security

No other stablecoin can match GSX’s security. This coin features all the advanced security found in the Apollo blockchain. For instance, GSX is Quantum resistant. Quantum computers are a reality. These machines are 10,000x faster than your best PC. If your plan is to wait until the last minute to prepare for these advancements, you could be in for a sad surprise.

Apollo Built

The underlying technology behind GSX is the Apollo blockchain. This advanced protocol affords GSX access to features that no other coin possesses. Consequently, GSX has the potential to shift the market completely. Today there is nothing like GSX in the market.

Apollo is incredibly flexible and allows GSX to maximize its technical advantages. Apollo is the only fourth-generation, quantum-resistant blockchain in the world. GSX is the first premier stablecoin launched on the Apollo blockchain. Consequently, this coin is sure to raise eyebrows.

Faster transactions

As a cryptocurrency, GSX beats Bitcoin in every aspect.  It’s able to conduct transactions as fast VISA and is more secure. This is a core feature in GSX. It’s necessary to scale up to handle the volume of transactions required to act as a daily cash system. GSX can send transactions across the planet in seconds.

If you were to compare GSX to the current money transfer systems in place, its easy to see that GSX comes out the winner. Currently, sending money internationally is an expensive process. Reports show that as much as 10% of the funds sent go to intermediaries and other third-parties involved in the transaction. Imagine sending a million dollars globally, you would have to pay $100,000 in fees alone.


GSX is a smart investment vehicle that provides investors with yearly dividends. These dividends increase exponentially as the value of GSX and its underlying operations increases. In this way, GSX fulfills another niche market in the blockchain space. GSX is one of the only stable coins to provide yearly dividends to investors


Another pillar of the GSX network is transparency. Users are able to access all the most valuable data they require to ensure they made the right investment decision. GSX allows third-party audits frequently to provide extra peace of mind to their investors. The data collected from these reports is then placed on the blockchain for everyone in the GSX ecosystem to review.

Pinned to Apollo

GSX is pinned to Apollo Financial’s lucrative 5,000 square-foot mining operation. This operation includes gold-rich land, top quality mining equipment, and gold bullion. As a GSX holder, you possess ownership of each of these items equal to your GSX holdings. At any time, you can send your GSX in and receive your gold bullion directly. You can also send your bullion to another party as a form of payment for services. The point is with GSX, you are in control.

Exponential Growth Potential

There are a lot of investments in the market attempting to provide exponential growth potential. However, most of these projects lack basic market fundamentals to succeed. Since GSX is based on two of the most valued assets in history, gold, and land, it is the first investment coin to accomplish this monumental task. 

As the value of the gold held by GSX increases in value, so do your dividends. Gold has been high on the investment radar as of late, with this precious metal reaching new all-time highs, there has never been a better time to invest in this sector. GSX combines the best aspects of gold with the blockchain sector to provide investors with the security and stability of gold and the convenience of cryptocurrencies.

Where to Get GSX

GSX is still on presale. You can get your hands on some directly from GSXCDE. This is the only place to get GSX prior to the coin going public. Early bird investors can receive deep discounts of up to 50% for their participation.

GSX – The Future of Gold

GSX functions as a better version of gold and cryptocurrencies. The traits of this coin make it one of the most advanced projects in the space. You can expect GSX to hold a dominant position in the market as this project comes into the spotlight in the coming weeks.