Gifto, a blockchain gifting app, today announced a new, major upgrade to enhance its platform for creating, sending, and sharing blockchain gifts.

To implement the upgrade, Gifto will be launching its own public blockchain with a dual-token design and immediate use cases for user-friendly crypto gifting.

Through this platform upgrade, Gifto’s original Universal Gifting Protocol will evolve into an open platform for universal crypto gifting.

The platform is token-agnostic, app-agnostic, and decentralized; enabling gifters to create endless virtual gifts that are valued in their favorite tokens anytime, and anywhere.

The Gifto Chain and supported applications will power crypto-powered virtual gifts, including collectibles, memes and gifs, AR, and interactive. Gifto Chain aims to reward gift creators, gifters, and active community members, spurring continued growth of the ecosystem.

“In the coming weeks and months, we will be releasing more details on our significantly upgraded Gifto ecosystem, including Gifto apps and Gifto Chain. We look forward to working closely with our community on key platform decisions and realizing the vision of mass adoption of crypto together.”
– The Gifto Team