, the cryptocurrency payments and wallet platform, announced it has officially achieved PCI:DSS 3.2.1 (Level 1) compliance after rigorous third-party security audits by a Quality Security Assessor (QSA). now has both ISO27001:2013 and PCI:DSS 3.2.1, Level 1 compliance.

PCI:DSS is the, “Payment Card Industry: Data Security Standard”, which outlines a set of strict requirements set by the payment card industry, and is designed to ensure that organizations which process, store or transmit credit card data maintain a highly secure environment, and uphold the highest data security and privacy standards.

The PCI Data Security Standard requires the organization to comply with the following security, control objectives:

  1. Build and Maintain a Secure Network and Systems
  2. Protect Cardholder Data
  3. Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program
  4. Implement Strong Access Control Measures
  5. Regularly Monitor and Test Networks
  6. Maintain an Information Security Policy

“Put simply, PCI:DSS Level 1 certification is one of the most rigorous globally recognized payment card security standards available, and shows how serious we are about security and our approach to protecting credit card data. PCI:DSS Level 1 compliance coupled with ISO27001 shows our ongoing commitment to building trust with our customers.”
Jason LauChief Information Security Officer of