CoinAll, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange from OKEx, will soon launch its second Star Project IEO, for high-tech industry incubator platform, New Technology Chain (NTC).

The NTC token sale will be on August 30, 15:00 (HKT), with a 20-minute subscription session.

New Technology Chain is dedicated to building a high-tech cultivation and growth ecosystem. Relying on blockchain technology, it has created a platform for users to directly participate in high-tech project investment with digital assets and share the benefits of project exit.

Star Project IEO

The process is divided into two parts: Star Project IEO and Lightning (no token sales stage). It provides high-quality project teams with one-stop service from project initiation to seed user obtaining. In June of this year, CoinAll successfully completed their first IEO for Pivot, a large blockchain community.

According to the CoinAll announcement, the IEO will be launched on August 30th. The total sales volume is 12,000,000 NTC and in 0.025USD. The sales will be made by appointment. There will be a 20 minutes subscription session for NTC sale.

After reviewing and evaluating hundreds of projects, CoinAll developed a complete project valuation model, according to which, CoinAll can judge the quality of the project quickly and accurately. In a short period, there have been several projects including Lambda, Fantom, Fusion, PVT, etc. which landed on top exchanges such as OKEx and Binance after listing on CoinAll.

In addition, behind CoinAll, there is OKEx’s security system, 24-hour global customer service, and more than 20 million user base.

New Technology Chain

Headquartered in Singapore, NTC Public Chain brings top blockchain talents around the world together to create an ecosystem to connect high-tech projects, savvy blockchain foundation managers and digital asset users alike.

NTC Public Chain issues NTC tokens for digital asset traders who are interested in participating in the construction of the platform’s ecosystem. Professional blockchain foundation managers will explore high-tech projects from all over the world for NTC holders to invest and project profits will be shared with NTC holders. In the future, NTC Public Chain will continue to invest in the development of advanced technologies, such as third-generation semiconductors, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G technology, and optoelectronic chips, etc.