Today, the team of Chainfuel, developers of a Telegram analytics platform, soft-launched Telefuel – a new Telegram client for power users that unlocks the full potential of Telegram, into public beta.

With Telefuel, users can:

  • Organize Telegram chats with Slack-style chat folders, workspaces, folders, and more.
  • Never miss a Telegram message with Telefuel’s unread message and unread mention filters
  • Navigate your Telegram chats seamlessly with lightning-fast performance and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Enjoy bullet-proof security and data privacy. No messaging data ever touches Chainfuel servers.
  • Encourage more meaningful discussions in a Telegram community by splitting up a single Telegram group into multiple smaller groups.
  • Chat seamlessly across the entire Telegram network
  • Use Telefuel across the web, desktop, and mobile (built as a progressive web app). Native iOS and Android apps will also be coming soon.

Those interested can now download Telefuel for Mac, Windows, and Linux (iOS and Android coming soon).