Bluzelle, a decentralized data ecosystem that gives individuals and businesses full control over monetizing their data, and privacy IOT blockchain platform IoTeX, have announced they will collaborate on optimizing the performance of the next generation of IoT devices and applications.

“We’ve always seen the IoT use case for Bluzelle (BLZ). With IoTeX we can reach the companies we target and provide more value to the IoTeX platform.”
Pavel Bains, CEO Bluzelle

Partnership Goals

As projects working in the blockchain and edge computing space, IoTeX and Bluzelle will combine respective experiences to deliver meaningful capabilities for developers.

As a first step, Bluzelle will integrate to the IoTeX Network and be offered as a database service for IoTeX DApps. After initial implementation, the teams will begin other initiatives which will be extended to blockchain and IoT developers including:

  • Data storage that scales dynamically to handle data production no matter the demand
  • High-speed cache to enable data to be shared and pushed to the edge with low latency
  • No-Ops architecture to enable global reach without additional operational costs

“Efficient data processing and storage is a top priority for IoT use cases. Working with Bluzelle will add flexible, robust database services for IoTeX developers.”
– Raullen Chai, CEO IoTeX