Blockstack PBC, creators of the decentralized computing network and secure app ecosystem, today announced a new partnership with Lambda School, a premier skills-based online school that gives students a path to a better career and higher income at no cost until they’re hired.

Students enrolled in the program will now have the opportunity to learn how to code Blockstack apps, where users own their own data, and earn monthly revenue through Blockstack’s App Mining program.

“We are opening a pathway for students to have hands-on experience with the newest, cutting-edge technology, while also providing reward payments. This is the sort of program I wish was available to me when I was a young student, and I have no doubt the lessons learned here will help Lambda School students excel as they enter the innovative world of technology.”
– Muneeb Ali, CEO of Blockstack PBC

Beyond monetary incentives earned through the novel “App Mining” program, Blockstack will further support the student development teams by supplying a range of tools needed to ensure applications undergo quality control testing.

Each student-built, decentralized application on Blockstack will benefit from a number of app reviews, including comprehensive user testing videos from TryMyUI, a guided launch of their apps on Product Hunt, and marketing insights through a social media and news awareness reviewer, Awario.

“At Lambda School, our goal is to remove as many barriers to high-paying careers as we can for our students. We design our curriculum based on the exact criteria hiring managers look for, ensuring graduates have mastered all of the practical skills they need to succeed. The partnership with Blockstack is aligned with that mission. It gives Lambda School students a direct path for gaining real-world development experience while earning additional income for their work.”
– Austen Allred, co-founder, and CEO of Lambda School

In addition to the practical, real-world lessons of building and launching a decentralized, privacy-centric app, applications in Blockstack’s App Mining undergo the same review process as all other applications. Each month, expert app reviewers make an assessment of the quality of all apps and apply a rank.

The higher apps rise in ranks, the larger the payout that team receives each month through the Blockstack App Mining Program. The monthly payouts for the highest-ranking applications are planned to gradually increase to a target of $1 million in STX tokens by May 2020.

Blockstack’s App Ecosystem now has over 194 applications, and delivers over $200,000 each month through its App Mining Program.