Bitmark, a blockchain-powered property rights startup, announced today it has completed a $3 million Series A round of financing. HTC led the investment round with participation from existing and new investors Alibaba, WI Harper, and DCG.

The Series A funding builds on a strong base for Bitmark which saw the launch of a music royalties system with KKBOX, Asia’s largest music streaming service, and expansion into health data. Bitmark also partnered with UC Berkeley, H2, and Pfizer, demonstrating how digital property rights can enable better health studies and clinical trials.

“HTC’s investments in blockchain technology are foundational to our strategy of placing power back in the hands of end-users around the world. Bitmark’s system for digital property rights greatly expands the promise of blockchain technology by assigning unique ownership for digital assets of all types. It’s an important step in growing the blockchain ecosystem and we look forward to their growth and success.”
– Phil Chen, HTC’s Decentralized Chief Officer

Bitmark globally secures digital property rights for any type of digital asset or data, examples include: personal data, cryptocurrencies, digital artworks, music rights, and more. These resources can exist in public blockchains or private computers.

Key features and benefits of Bitmark include:

  • Developer SDK for global, low-cost registration and transfer of digital properties
  • Open source, proof-of-work based public blockchain
  • Does not require a token for access
  • Live since 2016, with almost 1 million digital properties registered

“Digital property rights are the missing link that will allow the Internet to enable a far more inclusive economy. Having the strong financial support of our investors will help us execute our vision even more rapidly and broadly.”
– Bitmark Inc. CEO Sean Moss-Pultz