ShipChain, a blockchain-based logistics solutions provider, today launched a new partnership with ParceLive, a real-time supply chain visibility platform, furthering its efforts to increase transparency, efficiency and quality control across the global supply chain.

Under the new partnership, ShipChain will integrate ParceLive’s tracking technologies into its shipping and logistics system. The microsensors will enable customers to monitor temperature, moisture, light, impact, tilt, and GPS location to ensure quality control and monitor shipment progress.

“ShipChain’s goal is to create a unified solution that brings visibility and trust to the global supply chain. The combination of our end-to-end logistics platform and ParceLive’s sensors does exactly that. Customers around the world now have a transparent tracking system at their fingertips – with the ability to seamlessly access the location, temperature, and condition of their goods.”
– John Monarch, CEO of ShipChain

Utilizing cellular networks, these sensors provide users with real-time information on the condition of their shipments no matter the country or logistics carrier, allowing for optimal supply chain transparency.

“At Hanhaa, our team has been working tirelessly over the last four years to bring the vision for improved, more secure and scalable IoT innovations to life. We are excited to now begin working with ShipChain, another organization that clearly recognizes the importance of innovation to their business and one that will thrive in the years to come.”
– Azhar Hussain, CEO, Hanhaa

ParcelLive Technology

The ParceLive sensors, developed by the UK-based IoT innovator Hanhaa, will be inserted directly into shipments, where they remain for the duration of the delivery. Once the device is activated, the sensors report their location, condition, and security to the user in real-time.

The user is alerted to changes including the delivery being dropped, opened, or exceeding a temperature or humidity range. In areas with limited cellular reception, the devices record all sensor data and report historical changes upon the regaining of cellular reception.

Once the delivery is complete, the user simply removes the tracker from delivery, pushes the button to terminate tracking, and places the device in a mailbox. Each ParceLive tracker includes a built-in international return license and dynamic address label, meaning there’s no need for any stamps or envelopes.

Upon its return, the device is then erased of all data, charged, recalibrated, and re-branded, allowing them to be reused. The integration of ParceLive’s trackers into the ShipChain platform will allow both services to advance their common mission of increasing transparency and lowering costs for consumers.