Some tweets have surfaced seemingly showing a female OkEx employee facing death threats and being sent pictures of dead children from Binance and their supporters.

The Ok PR girl was subject to the abuse after outing Binance for some errors on their Binance JEX site. After replying to Binance pointing out their mistake, the OK Pr girl was subject to a torrent of abuse. 

In an attempt to show the true face of Binance and their supporters, Twitter user, @HaeSeongWon1 exposed the truth about how Binace treated this woman. The tweets showed the messages which are in Chinese and gave an explanation of their meaning. 

Remembering K Line Scam

The incident, which was reported on by various media outlets, saw the K line on Binance JEX’s Bitcoin Perpetual Swap candlestick not show the correct data. 

A third party showed the BTC/USD swap price line at 4105 USD, a big difference when compared to other top exchanges like OkEx who had it at around 7000 USD. However, Binance Jex it appears changed their K line on the website and had it at 7000 too.

Obviously, this caused real issues for traders who were no doubt lost potential gains and as such, Binance were forced to release an apology to its customers. 

Unfortunately, this is not the first questionable incident Binance has suffered recently. The exchange was hacked in May of this year and also had their customers KYC details leaked online in a separate incident. These scandals saw them drop out of the latest CryptoCompare rankings for the most trustworthy exchanges.

Not only that, but some articles have accused Binance of wash trading. The infraction took place after bitcoin’s price drop. Binance is accused of messing with their statistics on October 23rd, with the statistics differing largely from other top exchanges. 

Clearly, Binance is encountering issues, but to lash out at your critics in such a way should be condemned. However, it is hard to expect anything different when the company’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, so vehemently opposes any form of criticism or negativity. 

After reports Chinese police raided a Binance Shanghai office surfaced from The Block, CZ, claimed there was no such office and then proceeded to go into a Donald Trumpesque Twitter rant, calling out the media and crying fake news.