In the digital asset markets, masternodes provide investors with the ability to earn interest on their coins by providing an added service to the network.

In this guide, you will discover what masternodes are and which masternodes are likely to provide you with the best investment returns.

What Are Masternodes?

Masternodes are nodes within a blockchain network that perform specific functions that “normal” nodes do not. For running masternodes and providing the added services, users are financially rewarded in the form of new coins or tokens.

Masternodes have, therefore, grown in popularity, especially during the 2018 bear market when investors were looking for new ways to generate returns.

Best Masternodes to Run in 2020

Name Description Market Capitalization ($) Market Price ($) Current Number Of Nodes Capital Required ($) ROI (%) Score
Dash Dash pioneered the concept of Masternodes. In the DASH network, masternodes help to power two important features: InstantSend and PrivateSend. These features increase speed within the network and support transactional privacy. 463000000 50.23 4819 50230 6 3
Zcoin Zcoin is a privacy-focused digital currency project. Zcoin uses masternodes to faciltate many of its privacy-preserving features. Zcoin was one of the earliest privacy-centric digital currency projects and its masternode program is considered one of the best in terms of overall ease and performance. 29100000 3.23 4904 3230 14 4
PIVX PIVX is another privacy-centric digital currency project. The PIVX community is very hands on and as a result it is fairly easy to receive support from other MN holders if you decide to run a masternode. Furthermore, you can set up a masternode by yourself or you can get help from service providers who can handle the more difficult and technical aspects of it for you. 12200000 0.21 1421 2100 11 2
Horizen Supernode (Zen 42) Horizen introduced supernodes on their network as a way to implement sidechain capabilties. There are two types of supernodes on the Horizen network. They run on different software and have different specifications. 48000000 6 28315 250 27.11 4.5
Horizen Supernodes (Zen-500) Horizen introduced supernodes on their network as a way to implement sidechain capabilties as well as to provide foundational support for applications based on the network. This is the second type of Horizen masternode. 48000000 6 3386 3000 17.92 4
Blocknet Blocknet aims to be the Internet of blockchains. The project hopes to create interopability between different blockchains through a second layer of infrastructure. The second layer Blocknet protocol will usher in a new era of connection, communication, and interaction between digital currencies which developers hope will result in a more robust sector. 4000000 0.62 470 12150 17 2
Wagerr Wagerr is a digital currency designed for betting within the sports industry. Wagerr utilizes blockchain technology and a type of smart contract to power betting on a wide array of sporting activities. Masternodes on Wagerr are used to alert users of upcoming events so they can bet on them in good time. 6800000 0.035 2920 861 7.59 2


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