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Crypto debit cards that enable holders to pay using digital currencies everywhere bank card payment are accepted are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, more and more crypto debit card providers have emerged.

In this guide, we’ve compiled the best crypto debit card tokens that you could purchase if you want to invest in this growing digital asset market segment.

Name Description Token Launch Year Market Capitalization ($) Daily Trading Volume ($) Price ($) Twitter Followers Score (MCO) Switzerland-based – previously known as Monaco – is a digital asset exchange, wallet provider, and crypto debit card provider. Launched in 2017 through a successful ICO that raised over $26,000,000, the company aims to “accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency.” 2017 60,000,000 10,000,000 3.93 67,000 5
TenX (PAY) Launched in 2017 with a highly successful token sale that raised $80,000,000, Singapore-based TenX aims to become the go-to crypto wallet and multi-currency crypto debit card provider. Since its launch, its card has become active in Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia, with the rest of the world still disappointingly waiting on their cards. 2017 7,000,000 300,000 0.258 138,000 4.5
Tokencard (TKN) London-based Tokencard was one of the first crypto debit card startups that held a token sale to fund its operation. After raising over $12,500,000, the company is yet to issue its promised crypto Visa cards. They are expected to hit the market in H1/2019 in the UK and EEA. 2017 6,300,000 500,000 0.2 18,000 3.5
Ubiq Coin (UQC) London-based Uquid is a digital currency startup that provides crypto payment services and a crypto debit card. Users can top up mobile phones, pay their bills, and use the company’s crypto debit card for card payments. 2017 2,600,000 10,000 0.061 11,000 2.5
CryptoPay (CPAY) CryptoPay is one of the longest-standing crypto debit card providers. The London-based startup was founded in 2013 and offers a bitcoin wallet, bitcoin purchase options, and a bitcoin debit card for users around the globe. 2017 1,300,000 3,000 0.27 9,000 2.5

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