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The Lightning Network has been hailed as the solution to bitcoin’s scalability challenges and, so far, the off-chain payments solution has managed to gain substantial traction. Since its launch in March 2018, the Lightning Network has grown to a network capacity of over $6 million in BTC and over 35,000 off-chain payment channels, according to data from 1ML.

In this guide, you will discover the best Bitcoin Lightning Network wallets that you can use to send and receive bitcoin micro-payments through the Lightning Network’s off-chain channels.

Best Lightning Network Wallets

We have compiled a list of the best lightning network wallets that are currently available for bitcoin users. To rank the wallets, we have used criteria such as the number of supported operating systems, level of privacy, and user-friendliness, and number of Twitter followers, among others.

Name Description Launch Year Number of Supported Operating Systems User-Friendliness Custodial? Number of Twitter Followers Score
Joule Joule is a browser extension for the bitcoin lightning network. Once downloaded and installed, users have control of their own lighting node where they can send and receive payments. It is relatively easy to use. 2018 4 5 No 2055 4.5
Zap Zap is a multi-platform Lightning Network wallet that is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. With a focus on ease of use, this wallet features an attractive user interface, which is one of its best qualities. 2018 4 5 ? 11900 4.5
Blue Wallet Blue Wallet is a popular mobile wallet. While available only on Android and iOS, the wallet is easy to use. It is also a non-custodial wallet, giving users full control of thier funds. 2018 2 5 No 4365 4
Tippin Me Tippin.Me is a custodial Bitcoin Lightning Wallet wallet, which means that the wallet holds funds on behalf of the user. While this may be a security concern for some, this wallet is meant to be used to tip small amounts of bitcoin on social media and this negates much of the risk for many. 2018 3 5 Yes 8420 4
Casa Node Casa Node is a hardware wallet. Similar to other physical wallets, the device is not free and retails for $300. It is non-custodial and enables Bitcoin Lightning Network transactions. 2018 1 5 No 17300 4
Breez Breez is a mobile bitcoin wallet dedicated to facilitating instant bitcoin transfers over the Lightning Network. The wallet is non-custodial so users have control of their funds at all time. It is fast and easy to use. 2018 1 5 No 290 3.5
Eclair The Eclair wallet was developed by Acinq, a Paris-based blockchain firm with a focus on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. This wallet is among the most popular Lightning Network wallets in the market today. Eclair mobile is only available for Android users and offers send-only functionality. 2017 1 5 ? 8808 3.5
Wallet Of Satoshi Wallet of Satoshi is designed for ease of use. While it suceeds in this area, it is a fully custodial wallet, which some users may have trouble with. It is available for both Android and iOS. 2019 2 5 Yes 2470 3.5
Spark Spark is a bitcoin wallet that also supports the Lightning Network. The wallet is available on mobile devices as well as on desktop. It supports both receive and send features. 2018 4 4 ? n.a. 3

Important Notice

Most of the above-mentioned wallets are still running in beta mode and may have bugs. Hence, it is best not the store a large amount of bitcoin in any of these wallets.

At the current stage of development of these wallets and the Lightning Network itself, it is better to use these LN wallets to play around with off-chain bitcoin transactions and their underlying technology, and use established bitcoin wallets to store large holdings.

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