Bitcoin investment tools

Whether you want to analyze historic bitcoin returns, calculate potential bitcoin mining profitability, or simply find out how much bitcoin you can buy for $10,000, there are free-to-use online calculators that cover all these functions. Here are some of the best.

Best Bitcoin Currency Conversion Calculator

Probably the most important bitcoin calculator you will use as an investor in bitcoin is a bitcoin currency conversion calculator. This calculator allows you to check how much bitcoin is currently worth in dollars or other traditional currencies.

An easy-to-use online calculator that allows you to convert any fiat currency amount into its bitcoin equivalent and vice versa is the bitcoin currency conversion calculator by

1 Bitcoin = US$11,046

For example, using this calculator you can find out much $1,000 is worth in bitcoin at its current market rate. The market rates you can choose from are from Coinbase, Bitstamp, and the Coindesk BPI.

You can also do this calculation for all major international currencies, which is why this calculator is very popular among international bitcoin users.

Best Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculators

If you are considering venturing into bitcoin mining, you should first utilize a bitcoin mining profitability calculator to get an idea of how profitable such a venture could be.

The comparison platform CryptoCompare has one of the most user-friendly bitcoin mining profitability calculators that can show you how much profit you would generate from mining bitcoin given the amount of mining power you have and the electricity costs you would incur.

Bitcoin mining profitability calculator.While this calculator can give you a rough estimate of how much profit you could generate, remember that the mining difficulty, as well as the price of bitcoin, can fluctuate quite substantially, which will affect your actual mining profitability. Therefore, profit figures from bitcoin mining profitability calculators can only be used as guidance and are not set in stone.

Another very popular bitcoin and altcoin mining calculator is operated by CoinWarz. The CoinWarz Cryptocurrency Mining Profitability Calculator enables users to calculate the estimated profitability for a wide range of coins and provides a very useful overview of the mining profitability of a range of digital currencies.

Cryptocurrency Mining vs. Bitcoin Mining Profitability

Best Bitcoin Historic Return Calculator

If you want to analyze historic bitcoin returns, the best calculator you can use is the Bitcoin Inflated Adjusted Return Calculator by the personal finance platform DQYDJ. This calculator lets you compute the average annualized income bitcoin has generated for any given time period since September 2010. It also allows you to adjust the returns for inflation to provide you with the real return on investment of holding bitcoin.

Bitcoin price return calculator.Alternatively, you can also use the Investment Returns Calculator by the Bitcoin Retirement Investment Fund provider BitcoinIRA, which allows you to calculate how much an investment in bitcoin would be worth today for any given year from 2012 onward.

BitcoinIRA bitcoin calculator.

While historic returns are by no means a guarantee for future returns, they can give some guidance on possible expected returns, which can be useful when building a broad, diversified portfolio of assets.

Best Bitcoin Fee Calculator & Estimator

To discover how many satoshis you should attach to a bitcoin transaction in fees, you can use BuyBitcoinWorldWide’s Bitcoin Fee Calculator and Estimator.

Bitcoin fee calculator and estimator.

Using this bitcoin calculator, you can find out how much of a fee you need to attach to either a “Legacy” or “SegWit” transaction in relation to the time that you want the transaction to confirm. If you want your bitcoin transaction to be processed as quickly as possible, this calculator will tell you how much the transaction fee should be.

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