CNBC CNBC, a well-known media outlet that has been around since 1989, has ventured into cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, interviewing many well-known experts and providing articles on the latest crypto news. CNBC, which has long been a major source of business and financial news, has close to 3 million Twitter followers. 485 123 2.93M 3M 1989 5 Forbes Forbes, which was originally founded as a magazine in 1917, has made a foray into the digital currency space by creating Forbes Crypto. 279 80 14.8M 5.5M 1917 5 CoinDesk CoinDesk is a leading blockchain publication that holds high standards in terms of accuracy and reliability. CoinDesk provides readers with both news and content. In addition, it has published a State of Blockchain report every quarter since the start of 2017. CoinDesk is owned by Digital Currency Group, a digital currency conglomerate. Pete Rizzo serves as Editor of CoinDesk. 4,934 2,788 752k 76k 2013 4.5 Cointelegraph Cointelegraph is another well-known source in the digital currency space. In addition to providing news, it entertains its readers with creative graphics. 3,656 2,872 417k 719k 2013 4.5 is run by Roger Ver, a controversial figure who serves as CEO. Founded in 2008, it is one of the earliest crypto-specific websites. Ver is a major proponent of Bitcoin Cash, and the website offers information on this digital currency, including a user guide. Further, this website offers developer tools for Bitcoin Cash. 8,491 9,631 10.4k 93k 2008 4, a website that is part of a sole proprietorship registered in Norway, provides news, an ICO calendar, market data, and even a chat room of sorts. The website also has several guides, including “How To Start Using Bitcoin.” 4,539 2,001 189k 0 2013 3.5 Bitcoinist Bitcoinist, which has more than 2 million visitors each month, offers news, technical analysis, and press releases. The website also provides information on upcoming industry events. According to the company website, Bitcoinist’s staff includes three editors and more than one dozen writers. 27,403 15,319 4.3k 21k 2013 3 Bitcoin Magazine Bitcoin Magazine, founded by Vitalik Buterin and Mihai Alisie, has developed tenure by providing credible information on cryptocurrencies and blockchain since 2012. 64,494 36,613 522k 72.9k 2012 3 NewsBTC NewsBTC is a website that provides industry news, technical analysis, reviews, and educational articles. The site also contains a directory of crypto-related businesses and even a list of casinos. 26,567 15,123 32.3k 20.6k 2013 3 CoinSpeaker CoinSpeaker draws more than 450,000 unique visitors per month, according to the company website. This website has a wide range of content, broken up into sections. It has news, educational guides, and videos. CoinSpeaker also has a glossary of terms. 66,362 59,414 3.7k 1.9k 2014 2.5 CryptoSlate CryptoSlate, which is based in Washington, U.S., provides numerous resources. In addition to news and analyst insights, it offers a product database and real-time data on digital currencies. Further, it offers information on industry events, more than 300 of them at the time of this writing. 47,846 28,821 4.9k 3.4k 2017 2 Cryptovest Cryptovest is a website that provides news, information on ICOs, and market data. In addition to these more mainstream features, Cryptovest has a list of executives, which contains some helpful info. However, this list seems incomplete. Further, the website has information on vendors looking to provide blockchain-related services. 66,384 47,479 3.9k 2.6k 2017 2 Blockonomi Blockonomi, which was launched in 2017, states on its website that it is “aims to cover all aspects of Cryptocurrencies, fintech, and the blockchain economy.” The website has beginner’s guides to many platforms, both small and large. More specifically, it has guides on platforms linked to ICOs, and it has guides on more established platforms like Tezos. 61,946 27,891 6.4k 652 2017 1.5 BTCManager BTCManager is a cryptocurrency news publication that refers to itself as the “home for Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum and FinTech news and information.” This news outlet covers all aspects of the blockchain industry and does not shy away from covering topics such as crypto-anarchy, privacy, and crypto-politics. 71,599 24,811 25.6k 19k 2016 2 CoinGeek Coingeek is a news outlet run by the mining operation with the same name. Owned by gambling mogul Calvin Ayre, this media outlet – much like – has become a publication that almost exclusively promotes Bitcoin Cash. 196,704 25,590 4.2k 1.2k 2017 1.5 Brave New Coin Brave New Coin refers to itself as “a data & research company focused on the exponential blockchain & digital equities industry.” Aside from its analytics offering, Brave New Coin also offers daily news coverage of the most important market-moving events in the digital currency space. 97,056 52,571 35.1k 6.3k 2014 2.5 CryptoNews is the newest addition to the blockchain media landscape. It was founded in early 2018 to provide guides, reviews, and daily news coverage about the digital currency sector. 107,241 7,302 2.2k 3.2k 2018 1.5 Invest In Blockchain provides readers with information and insight into investing in bitcoin, altcoins, and ICOs. This media outlet focuses more on guides and how-to’s than market-moving news and is, therefore, an excellent resource for beginners. 57,452 22,837 9.9k 1.9k 2017 1.5 CoinIdol CoinIdol is an international blockchain media publication that covers all areas of the blockchain and digital currency industry through daily coverage of current events and market-moving news. 196,838 67,094 2.8k 1.6k 2016 1.5 NullTx NullTx is one of the longest-standing bitcoin and blockchain news publications. This media platform provides guides and reviews as well as coverage of the most important market-moving events on a daily basis. 61,922 22,248 38.2k 4.7k 2014 3 Blokt Blokt is a relatively new blockchain news publication that covers “the latest in breaking crypto news, cryptocurrency guides, and ICO analysis.” It is a useful source of information for beginners as well as experienced digital currency investors. 100,973 38,060 4.4k 1.0k 2017 1.5 TrustNodes Trustnodes provides the “latest news on all things Blockchain, Ethereum, IoT, Fintech and Bitcoin.” It is an excellent resource to stay up-to-date with current events that are shaping the digital currency industry. 127,955 72,334 3.4k 736 2016 1.5 CoinStaker Coinstaker provides “Bitcoin News, Service Testing and Monitoring” according to its website. The news outlet provides coverage about bitcoin, altcoins, and initial coin offerings as well as a range of guides and reviews. 255,367 70,702 3.3k 2.3k 2015 2 LiveBitcoinNews LiveBitcoinNews is a UK-based digital currency news publication that covers all major market-moving events as well as daily price analysis. 122,699 55,563 4.3k 1.6k 2017 1.5 99Bitcoins 99Bitcoin’s mission to make bitcoin and digital currencies easy to understand for the average person who does not possess in-depth tech knowledge. This publication provides mainly guides and reviews but does send a weekly report that covers what has happened in the digital currency markets in the past seven days. 52,096 36,768 14.7k 12.0k 2013 3 Crypto Potato Founded in 2016, Crypto Potato is a cryptocurrency news site that was established by early adopters who want to share the latest developments in the blockchain and digital asset industry to help investors to get a 360-view of the digital asset markets. 110,978 74,143 3.4k 2.6k 2016 1.5 Finance Magnates Launched in 2019, Finance Magnates is a financial news platform with a focus on fintech, foreign exchange, and digital assets that publishes content in English and Russian. 99,851 55,145 29.6k 4.6k 2009 3 Bitcoin Exchange Guide BitcoinExchangeGuide is a digital currency exchange comparison platform that also provides daily news coverage of all things digital currency and blockchain. 30,758 19,079 3.1k 2.7k 2014 2.5 Ethereum World News Ethereum World News is a digital currency news publication that focuses primarily on the Ethereum network but also covers the latest trends and developments in the broader blockchain industry. 36,038 20,373 5.9k 3.8k 2017 2 CoinSpeaker Founded in 2014, CoinSpeaker is a news platform for readers who want to hear about the latest developments in fintech, the blockchain, digital assets, and Internet of Things. 119,411 84,706 2.1k 3.9k 2014 2 ETHNews ETHNews is a news media outlet that covers Ethereum and blockchain ecosystem news including breaking news, announcements, and in-depth analyses on Ethereum and blockchain technology. 117,117 55,635 13.7k 5.5k 2014 2.5 CoinJournal CoinJournal is a digital currency news site that provides its readers with “the latest bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain news from around the world.” 372,582 265,220 12.0k 12.2k 2015 2