3/18/20 3/20/20 START Hack (St. Gallen, Switzerland FREE 300+ It is START’s mission to empower technology and entrepreneurship and at the START Hack we want to therefore bring the 2 worlds – tech and business – together in 1 place. This year START Hack will take place during START Summit at the Olma Halls. For two days, the 5th edition of START Hack will turn St. Gallen into one of Europe’s technology hotspots. We want to encourage the sleep-deprived who want to thrive to challenge their way of thinking. Let your entrepreneurial ideas flourish as one of 300 participants indulging in 33,3+ hours of coding. Challenge yourself, make new friends and rise to new heights using your technological skills combined with the entrepreneurial mindset in this fertile ecosystem!

Universitat St. Gallen
Bosch IoT Lab

4.2 3/13/20 3/22/20 SXSW Hackathon (Austin, Texas, USA) FREE 100+ The seventh annual SXSW Hackathon returns in a buzzy 24-hour marathon in 2020. Developers, coders, and tech creatives will collaborate in teams to build Music, XR, AI, and Blockchain tech that addresses the range of media covered at SXSW.

Participating hackers will have access a wide range of resources to develop innovative prototypes including guidance from their official Artists and Entrepreneurs-in-residence, public APIs and tools, and their exclusive collection of partner APIs & SDKs. The three winning projects will be awarded cash prizes by a panel of top-level industry and creative judges, plus the opportunity to join the SXSW Hackathon Incubator, working with a group of industry mentors to fine tune their projects.

Organized by R9B

Sponsors/Partners (from 2019)
Buzz Angle
Show Sparker

4.2 3/4/20 3/11/20 London Blockchain Week 2020 (London, UK 400 kilometers or more from the location Zurich: up to CHF 100 3,000 For 2020 we kickoff London Blockchain week with a two-day Hackathon. Entrepreneurs, developers and designers will compete to create a working demo within 48 hours. On Sunday afternoon we will have each team pitch and a winner will be selected.

Organized by Fintech Worldwide Ltd.

The CoinTelegraph
Global Digital Finance
Frontiers in Blockchain

4 4/3/20 4/5/20 Odyssey Hackathon 2020 (Groningen, Netherlands) 700 kilometers or more from the location Zurich: up to CHF 150 2,000 At the fourth edition of the Hackathon (April 3-5) in Groningen, the Netherlands, 105 selected teams will collaborate with corporates, governments, and non-profits to create solutions to how we organise society in the 21st century. The areas where teams can make an impact range from energy transition, logistics, urban infrastructure, healthcare, public safety to nature conservation and digital identity. Hundreds of Jedi, including the legal and financial regulators, will be there to support the teams in building their solutions.

Organized by Odyssey Program

€200,000 euro in cash rewards for the best-performing teams.

The Hague
De Nederlandsche Bank

5 4/24/20 4/26/20 Smart Building Hackathon (Prague, Czech Republic) FREE. Travel costs to the Czech Republic reimbursed up to 150 euro. 50 Last year’s hackathon encouraged participants to work on the next big game-changing idea in the automotive industry, partner with mobility innovation center where selected projects gain access to a unique pool of worldwide expertise, and redefine autonomous driving with the world’s fastest supercomputer. Details hav not yet been released regarding the theme for the 2020 hackathon.

Organized by Insane Business Ideas

Sponsors/Partners (2019)
Coder Dojo
Maker Faire
SKODA Auto Digilab

3.5 5/8/20 5/10/20 I-COM Data Science Hackathon (Malaga, Spain) FREE With the Data Science Hackathons, I-COM pioneered the first public CMO-focused global competition, connecting the magic of data science with the world of marketing.
The I-COM Data Science Hackathons focus on solving real problems and achieving results, often accelerating to outcomes that normally take months of work to achieve or replicate. It is a 24-hour marathon where competing teams develop algorithms using data science analytics to solve predictive modeling challenges on marketers’ datasets. 
The 6th edition of the I-COM Data Science Hackathons will take place on May 8-10th, 2020 in Malaga, Spain.

Organized by I-COM

2019 Sponsors/Partners
Warner Bros.

4 5/29/20 5/31/20 CryptoChicks Hackathon and Conference (Toronto, Canada) FREE (Hackathon) 600+ This hackathon brings together the top blockchain & Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts, leaders, mentors, and advisors to educate and inspire builders and hackers. Participants can take on a new challenge, unlock new skills, and make lifelong connections in a fun, educational environment!

Organized by CryptoChicks

Keynote Speakers
Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum Foundation)
Dr. Ben Goertzel (SingularityNET)
Robot Sophia AI

Sponsors / Partners
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Ryerson University

4.25 2/21/20 2/23/20 IATA Air Hackathon (Seattle, WA USA) FREE 100 Organized by IATA, this hackathon asks participants to build solutions to enhance airline’s retailing capabilities. It includes a one-week ideation phase to prepare a project around leisure & business travel, a 28-hour coding experience to work on projects and pitch ideas to a team of industry experts and mentors, and a six-week incubation phase to ensure the winning ideas have the potential to become strong and successful business cases, along with the possibility to pitch these ideas at industry forums.

Prizes up to $5,000

AirFrance KLM
Virgin Atlantic