Ecommerce: E-commerce floors provide many services such as Community service, Business service,  Integrate business solutions, Global logistics coordination center, Warehouse and transportation services. In addition, the e-trading platform also provides other services, creating an environment for the parties to negotiate business transactions.

Storage wallet multi-currency: CreditDefi wallet is extremely fast and secure, it is designed for ease of use and perfect for storing users’ different types of crypto assets. CreditDefi wallet will provide a system that makes it easy for users to buy, sell and store a variety of cryptocurrencies on different platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC, UNI, TRC, BEP on your device..

Credit Card international: Not only ensuring the usual convenience of visa card, CreditDefi card is also set with the following goals : Buy and sell cryptocurrencies, Send cryptocurrencies to CreditDefi Card users instantly with no fees, Withdraw cryptocurrencies to external wallet for a low fee and Deposit money by bank transfer, debit card, credit card or crypto.

Real Estate: The characteristics of real estate transactions are of great value, so they often take a lot of time, costs and paperwork to complete. This creates liquidity and transparency issues for the real estate market.CreditDefi applies Blockchain to change the situation by digitizing transactions, reducing time and costs, while increasing transparency and safety.

Online Application: Apply CRD coin with leading currency in the fields of commerce and life. Convenient transaction, users can optionally trade CreditDefi on Web browser on PC apps or iOS and Android, so Crypto can be traded anytime, anywhere. Flexible deposit, withdrawal, and liquidity due to the application of many utilities in a rich and diversified ecosystem.

Exchanges decentralized: CreditDefi decentralized exchange will facilitate transactions to be done faster, more cost effectively than centralized exchange. The elimination of the intermediary validator significantly reduces fees and time lag before buy / sell orders can be processed. Transactions take place between parties within the network using smart contracts, which can only be controlled with the private keys of the parties involved. Users control their private keys as well as their capital at all times with decentralized exchanges.