Argent is one of the most popular Ethereum wallets out there, which also gives you access to many DeFi features. I have talked about Argent wallet earlier in my best Ethereum wallet resource. In the past few months, Argent has added many amazing features that are helping them to maintain its leadership position.

Recently Argent wallet has added much-needed gas control features, which gives easy control over network fees (“gas”) while using Argent wallet. As the Ethereum price is surging, the gas price is making the network almost unusable for small transactions, and with the gas control feature, you are more likely to pay less gas fees at the expense of the delayed transactions.

Just to let you know, when Ethereum network is congested, Argent shows up a warning as soon as you open the app (See the screenshot below)

With the new custom gas feature, we as a user have more control on how much we like to pay as gas fees. Especially when we are not sending a time sensitive transaction, we can always pick the lowest gas fees and save a significant amount of Ethereum transaction fees.

Ether Gas: Limit, Gas Price & Fees

Here is how the screen for gas control looks like:

There are three options to pick from; standard,Β fast, andΒ fastest.

The screen shows the transaction’s estimated completion time and updated fees based on current network conditions.

While we are at it, you should check out this video ad shared by Argent team on Twitter, which is quite funny IMO

Argent team is also working on bringing layer 2 solutions to Argent wallet, which would make Argent dramatically cheaper and faster to use. Needless to say, Argent is proving itself as one of the best non-custodial wallets for the Ethereum network.

Argent wallet is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free. Unlike other non-custodial wallets, Argent does not require you to back up using a seed phrase, rather it relies on social recovery, which makes it practical for non-tech users as well. If you have not used Argent, you should try it.