Amazon Advertising Blockchain

According to CoinTelegraph, Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is on the hunt for a software development engineer to develop an Amazon advertising blockchain. The world’s largest online retailer posted a job offer on LinkedIn and reportedly is in need of a development engineer for the new advertisement blockchain.

Here’s what we know.

Amazon Advertising Blockchain

The hire will join Amazon’s Colorado team. The goal of the advertising blockchain is to grow the advertising arm of Amazon’s business.

The job posting reads as follows:

“Our new team in Boulder, CO is looking for a Sr Software Engineer to work within our Advertising FinTech team focused on a Blockchain ledger, billing and reconciliation systems to provide data transparency on transnational financial data.”

The company is planning on leveraging its online retail data, industry-leading cloud services, and fast-moving startup culture.

What’s in the Role?

The role of the engineer includes “requirements analysis, lead design, implementation and deployment of core components, interfacing with engineers and program managers. The position will also be responsible for the operational support and maintenance of the systems.” As such, the role is a big one and requires the candidate to have a background in blockchain development as well as experience in advertising and financial technology.

Furthermore, the engineer will also “have an opportunity to define the technical and architectural roadmap for the systems.”

Amazon Advertising Blockchain

The job posting has spurred on excitement, as it is another step forward for blockchain adoption by the major retailer.

Back in June, Amazon announced a partnership with British insurer Legal & General (OTC:LGGNY) to develop a blockchain system.

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On June 11, Reuters announced that the multinational insurer was going to work with Amazon to create a blockchain system specifically for corporate pension deals. The blockchain in question would be developed from the Amazon Web Services blockchain creator called the Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB). It aims to process bulk annuities.

Amazon’s AMB is designed to easily create a blockchain network that is simple and scalable to manage. It uses Hyperledger and Ethereum open-source frameworks.

What do you think of the Amazon advertising blockchain?

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