Looking for the best crypto screener apps?

As the crypto industry is growing, there is a strong need for amazing tools and apps that would help us quickly scan crypto assets based on our preset criteria. There are many apps in the market which are idle for part-time speculators or full-time crypto analysts which helps them quickly analyze crypto assets. 

As a crypto enthusiast, I keep researching and using cutting edge crypto analysis tools that help cut the noise and help me see the next upcoming big project. Crypto screeners are one category of such analysis tools, that you should have in your arsenal.

What are Crypto screeners?

A lot of investors make use of Crypto screeners to identify new coins or tokens. An active trader can make use of the tools of the crypto screeners to identify the possibility of set-ups for short-term positions. Individuals may use a lot of filters. The more the number of filters, the lesser will be the number of crypto assets being displayed. The crypto screeners let the investors and users analyze several cryptos over a short period. This will help you in identifying and eliminating cryptos that are not meeting your goals.

Crypto screeners will help you get all the important data that helps you determine if sell or HODL your crypto asset. Not only that, many of these screener tools let you scan the entire crypto assets based on parameters such as category (DeFi, NFT), price change, growing TVL, and so on. 

Whatever stage of your cryptocurrency journey you are in, you should know that these crypto screener tools exist, and you should be using them for your growth in this crypto-verse. 

4 “Must-Have” Crypto Screener Apps To Save Your Time : 

1. Coinmarketcap

This is the first tool that I would recommend to any newbie or even experienced users to start using. Cryptocompare is one of the first few projects that helped the entire industry to screen their favorite crypto-assets. 

After the recent acquisition by the Binance exchange, Coinmarketcap has grown significantly in terms of features, and one of the best cryptocurrency screener out there.

You can use this tool with or without an account, though you will find more value when you create a free account on Coinmarketcap. 

Some of the notable features of Coinmarketcap are:

  • Portfolio management
  • Watchlist
  • Mobile syncing
  • Find tokens/coins based on categories
  • Dark mode

Overall Coinmarketcap is one of the best free screener tool for crypto out there.

2. CoinGecko:

CoinGecko is another widely popular crypto screener out there, and it is also one of the top coinmarketcap alternative. The tool has been around for many years, and it is free to use at the time of writing.

CoinGecko curates and provides data from all the categories of Crypto currencies, and you can filter coins based on multiple factors such as categories, hashing algorithms, platforms and many more.

One best way to use CoinGecko is by creating a free account, and add all your coins to the portfolio. This way, you can quickly find all important information related to coins in your portfolio.

Another advantage of CoinGecko is, you will find all new tokens which are somehow hard to find on other screeners.

3. Messari:

A New-York based company, that provides institutional-grade data, analysis and offers a crypto screener tool. This tool is recommended for serious investors, and in my limited usage time, I found it a complete value for money. They do have a free plan which gives you access to one free screener, and pro account let you enjoy reading about their well-researched analysis .

This tool is being used by crypto research analyst, and you one feature that might excite you is, you could see the portfolio of other crypto investors, which is curated by Messari team.

This tool offers many advanced feature, and for serious crypto users, I highly recommend you to try Messari. At the time of writing, they offer 14 days trial, which is good enough for you to judge the suitability of this tool.

4. DappRadar:

DappRadar is a directory of top decentralized app, and is also an excellent screener for Defi space. They have also added screener for collectibles (NFT’s), which might interest many of you.

Like other apps in this list, this one also provide account registration feature, and let you manage your watchlist and portfolio.

Note: DefiPulse is another good alternative to DappRadar.

Apart from these crypto screeners, Tradingview also offers screener features, which IMO is idle for all the traders out there.

Over to you:

  • Now, it’s your turn to let us know which crypto screeners are you using?
  • What are the features you look for in a crypto-screener before you make it your homepage?

As I discover more screeners for crypto, I would append to this list. You can bookmark this post for the future reference. And, before you go to read my other articles, do share this curated list of best crypto screeners with your friends on social-media platforms.